Street fashion escape!


Street fashion escape!

Ah! This one here is straight out of the high street fashion wandering. The post centers around the new found high in Capes. Capes have become one of the coolest cover ups, catwalking their way to the High street.

A favorite among contemporaries, the cape is one chic piece that add wonders to the simplest of attires, transforming a casual look into an uptown one altogether.

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LOOK: Just like here putting a cape on is slitting into ease of style. It functions on the comfort of a casual outfit without letting it stay dull. Primarily its the cape here that adds substance to most of what you see, however a blend of different color organic expand it reign.

This rustic brown loosie here droops downs the shoulder just perfectly. Right screen of sunglasses and some quick leather fix for the footwear work so much suitably with this fleak show. Less is More, should be the right key for fashion enthusiasts, and a cape is a great way to wear a coat without actually wearing one through the crisp summer month this year.

With little angular shifts and twists a Cape can be worn in multiple combinations. It conceals most of the outfit with an appropriate delicacy.

See what you think of this one right here.





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