SeptiCleanse Shock and Maintenance Program


SeptiCleanse Shock and Maintenance Program

Our Choice for Best Septic Treatment

And the Winner is….SeptiCleanse  Shock and Maintenance Program!

This Two Part Treatment provides homeowners the very best of both worlds.  SeptiCleanse created the  Shock and Maintenance Program to deliver consumers a one stop solution for ALL septic tank problems.

The Septic Shock and Maintenance Program (ydraulikos ) includes Your Choice of Shock treatment, designed to restore ALL SEPTIC SYSTEMS. Just choose which one best fits your needs from their treatment buyers guide and your off.  In addition, this system also includes a 6  or 12 month supply of the Monthly Maintenance Program, when used together it ensures a properly functioning system.

This septic treatment program impressed us from the very beginning.  To start off with, most septic tank treatment companies offer septic tank shocks, or monthly septic tank treatments.  While they can be purchased separately it can become quite expensive. Not to mention cumbersome for female or elderly homeowners, as many of the “shock” treatments on the market come in large 5 gallon buckets.  These buckets are filled with liquid, these shocks are just not practical for all homeowners.

First of all they can be heavy but more importantly liquid septic treatments wash right out of your system as soon as you do one load of laundry.  SeptiCleanse has created an equally powerful, but far more manageable alternative.  Moderately priced, the Septic Shock and Maintenance Program proved to not only be the most effective septic tank treatment we tested, it was far and away the best overall value.

Both the shock treatment as well as the monthly dosage packs are environmentally friendly, flushable bags that dissolve completely leaving; no ill effects on the environment.  Dosage was a simple as flushing the Medium shock packs in the two main toilets and then three days later flushing the regular Monthly Maintenance packets.  As far as applying a septic treatment, SeptiCleanse was about as easy as it could be, we were were hopeful the long term results would compare well with other sewer treatments on the market.

Boy, did it ever!

It took less than 5 days for us to realize we had our hands on something special.  The first indication came rather early on, around day two.  It was then that we could tell the Restoration System was working.  All odors that were present in our testing environment were gone, really quickly. Drains that once smelled terrible did not, and while there was still evidence that the system was clogged, the vile smell had gone away.  It was not that septi-cleanse used any perfumes or fragrances, the treatment simply worked that fast!  We were amazed.

Roughly a week or 10 days passed by and that is when we realized just how powerful the Septic Tank Restoration System is.  All the excess moisture and flooding had vanished the system was running smoothly.  All issues about slow drains and problems flushing had vanished.  All of them, gone.  It was absolutely unbelievable!

When you consider the price of replacing your entire septic system or at the very least costly pumping expense, finding an effective Septic Tank Treatment is extremely important.  When you factor in the price, the fact that it took us less than 30 second to apply the treatment, and that it is packaged for every homeowner regardless of age or sex, the answer becomes obvious.  SeptiCleanse Septic Shock and Maintenance Program is the Best Sewer Treatment we have seen in over 37 years of experience.

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