Santorini: Visitors prefer September, not August


Santorini: Visitors prefer September, not August

It proves daily that the work done by the Hotel owners and not only has results… They can ask for control of the visitors’ traffic to avoid over-tourist traffic, but they know how to extend the tourist season in Santorini. And most importantly to avoid the “massacre” of August, where most of the Aegean islands are over crowded. Santorini day tours offer daily tours to all attractions of the island so as to visit comfortably the most famous places of Santorini.

And so all of September’s trips lead to Santorini, spearheaded by Americans, Brits and Canadians while Greeks insist on August… And the differences are impressive. This forecast for September 2018 compared to 2017 is from Pan-advert. And it was made by the Data Analysis department on demand 398 hotels and 23.5 million internet searches.

Why visit Santorini in September?

Accurate forecasting can be a valuable tool, enabling hotel owners and professionals in the tourism industry to manage revenue well and effectively determine pricing and targeting strategies for tourist traffic.

The primary objective of this study was to forecast the forthcoming demand for hotel bookings on the booked WebHotelier for a number of travel destinations and top markets. The reason chosen for Santorini is the large statistical sample available (23483039 queries for 398 accommodations). They also made a research about organised Santorini private tours and reached to the conclusion that visitors prefer tours while staying on the island.

It goes on: “The main results of the analysis were forecasting demand for hotel services, seasonality of demand and its differentiation from country to country, but also the emergence and development of new markets.

According to the results of the study, it is expected that the highest demand for Santorini hotel reservations will be postponed. In particular, the highest hotel bookings are expected to take place in September 2018 compared to August 2017.

Further processing of the data has also shown that there will be a significant increase in demand for hotel bookings for September and October 2018. Note here that a slight decline is forecast during the first two months of summer (June – July), while the increase in October is impressive. The ones that make the difference are… English, American, British and Canadian while Greeks insist on July and August. On the contrary, Australians insist on July.

What are the most popular Santorini Private Guided Tours?

most visitors book Santorini Private Guided Tours to make the most of their stay on the island. There are 9 things you should definitely do in Santorini. Visiting the most famous villages and sightseeings is reasonable, but if you do not know how and when to do so it might destroy your try.

Local agencies specializing in tours around the island of Santorini can help you decide which tour is suitable for your preferences. Santorini Tours organizes Private Guided Tours in Santorini. They welcome you to explore together the experience and the amenities in this island with one of their Santorini top Tours.

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