How to find the right swimsuit for your body type


How to find the right swimsuit for your body type

Choosing a swimsuit – μαγιό DKstyle – is definitely not an easy task. We all know that. A simple rule of thumb in our swimwear shopping is that it fits us perfectly and is comfortable. So, it is not enough to choose something that is in fashion. We must also make sure that it is flattering on us, in the right line that corresponds to our silhouette. Do you know which one suits you?

Inverted triangle body type

This body type is characterized by an open back and a narrow waist. Prefer a swimsuit that will distract from the top and emphasize your slim waist and waist. The ideal choice is a monochrome simple top, without special decorative elements so that it is not emphasized, with a more special brief that will catch the eye. Do not be afraid of bold patterns and wavy layers. As for the line, choose between classic briefs, brazil or hipster. Whatever suits you best.

Triangle body type

You may also know this body type by the name “pear”. This is the body type with narrow shoulders, wider waist and full thighs. In this case, you need to focus on the top. Choose a special top that will frame you with bright colors or contrasting patterns. Decorative ruffles and fringes will look great. Choose basically monochrome briefs in classic lines.

Apple body type

Narrow shoulders and circumference, full chest and bigger belly. Do you know what we are talking about? If the answer is yes, choose a bra that will visually slim down and flatter your figure effectively with the right lines and materials. The tankini will be very comfortable for you. The long top will cover the bigger belly, while you can fold it for the perfect tan. If you are not comfortable with a swimsuit set, try a one-piece swimsuit. An ideal choice is the bodysuits with a stable material that tightens in the abdomen area. Visually, combining a single color with a distinctive pattern will help.

Hourglass body type

If you are one of the women with symmetrical female proportions, you have won. All your swimsuits go glove! Try the classic and tried and tested triangular cups, do not be afraid even of the strapless ones. Balconies are a great choice, as they support the chest beautifully. Unusual monokini also go for you, in thin lines. And in terms of briefs, both high-waisted brazil and classic with laces on the sides will look good on you.

Athletic body type

If you have an athletic figure, then you have a muscular, sculpted body and less feminine curves. In this case, try to choose a swimsuit that will highlight and emphasize your feminine points. It does not matter if it is a set or a full body. Both will look perfect on you. The perfect choice is a set with a top with push-up cups, which will fill the chest. In the part of the brief, choose classics with laces on the sides, or highlight your buttocks with a brazil or thong swimsuit. You can easily support the colorful patterns, bright colors and bright decorative elements. If you prefer a one-piece swimsuit, choose one that emphasizes the waistline.

If you have big breasts

It is essential to find a bra that fits properly. If it is a little smaller and the chest overflows, it will not give the impression you want. Do not discard bras with straps. Try them because they can give a more controlled shape to your chest. Avoid strapless. Braces are our best friends when we want the chest to look well supported.
Holes, cuts at the top of the waist or below the chest and triangles with thin strings are not the best and convenient because they do not offer adequate coverage or support.

For the exuberant body type

A black one-piece swimsuit with thin straps and a high cut at the thighs is the ultimate body sculpting supply. Details such as ampire cuts, chest decorations and drapes catch the eye on the upper body and balance the wide circumference. Diagonal or vertical stripes also slim down the silhouette.
Finally, there are swimsuits with integrated elastic sections that tighten and sculpt the abdomen or waist.

If you have a belly

A bodysuit with a low neckline catches the eye on the chest and is an ideal distraction. A cruising drape in the center or side of the waist is the best trick to emphasize the shape of the waist and make it look slimmer. A bold pattern occupies the eye and makes it not focus on a belly that is not perfect.
If you insist on choosing a bikini, it is better to choose a brief with laces that can be adjusted around the abdomen without pressing it unsightly.

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