Car Sex Tips & Position Ideas


Car Sex Tips & Position Ideas

Mmm, auto mobile sex. Whether the image makes you timeless for your senior high school partner or randy AF from considering a nekkid Jack and Rose because impressive Titanic scene, I believe everyone can concur that getting freaky in the car can be incredibly warm.

For one, you can do it just about anywhere. Essentially. It’s a cars and truck, which implies you can drive to any place your sexcapades take you. (Except, obviously, anywhere that’s entirely revealed in public. I trust you to utilize your own judgment there.). Two, having limited quarters and so much to get on– doors, home windows, seats (anything however the equipment shift, actually)– means you absolutely can’t just lie there like a fish and take it (not that you ‘d do that, anyhow). Cars and truck sex calls for getting past close to your partner and being an extremely energetic individual. There are no call girls in a sexmobile.

And last but not least, because you can’t specifically have an hours-long lovemaking sesh– given that, ya understand, other people are most likely to come about eventually, and your legs will (I repeat, WILL) start constraining– you feel an all-natural sense of urgency. Those need-you-now feelings, particularly if you remain in a long-lasting connection, create seriously steamy sex and also better bonding later.

Position Ideas

Whatever make or design you’re driving, as long as it’s obtained 4 wheels, you can experiment with any one of our suggested cars and truck sex placements, provided you take the complying with precautions before taking any one of them for a spin:.

  • Similar to some sly exterior sex, do it after dark for included personal privacy as well as cooler temperature levels.
  • Bring a towel for post-play clean up and to secure your base from perhaps staying with the seats if they’re leather.
  • Ensure the auto remains in park as well as the tricks run out the ignition.

Forward-Facing Reverse-Cowgirl.

Press the vehicle driver’s seat back and also recline it as far as it will certainly go so he’s lying down, then sit in his lap facing out the front of the vehicle; keep your hands on the guiding wheel to assist you grind. Passing chauffeurs will just see your head as well as shoulders, leaving them none the better!

Roof covering Love

Resting on your back on the cars and truck’s roofing system with your butt near the side and your thighs on his shoulders places you in the ideal placement to be obtaining oral. The aforementioned towel you brought along is available in convenient if the metal is too warm– lay it out as well as lay on top of it.


The constrained rooms as well as medium elevations vehicles give open up a great deal of possibilities for doggie-style sex; you on your hands and knees in the rear while he stands outside the door or on the guest seat pressed completely back. Despite your hands simply on the hood, lorries are created this example!
Sun Roofing system? Much more Like ‘Enjoyable’ Roofing!

There are 2 wonderful ways you can make use of the sunlight roofing if you have actually got one; have him being in the guest seat as you stand apart of the sunlight roof covering with your feet on either side of his hips. You can then wrap your thighs around his face like you’re resting on his shoulders– yet backwards. By doing this he can treat you to oral sex while you’re looking out the top of the vehicle like it’s prom night.

In the 2nd situation, you’re sitting on the side of the sun roof while he stands with one foot on the traveller seat and one in the chauffeur’s seat. You can lie on your back as he enters you or sit up so you can be face to face; this is done the same way as if you’re having sex on a kitchen counter or dining room table, however your common rhythm will obtain the entire cars and truck rockin’ like a waterbed!

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