Are love relationships dynamic?


Are love relationships dynamic?

Love and affection monopolized the interest of the ancient philosopher Aristotle, who, among other things, wrote: “Love consists of a soul that dwells in 2 bodies.

This may sound a bit utopian to all those couples and escort girls who struggle every day to cope with the difficulties of today’s reality. In those who struggle with the beast of the wear and tear of time and the friction of everyday life. In these relationships, love tries to coexist with the needs of reality.

The love affair consists of 2 words and is based on 2 natural persons: Two persons who are partners in life, lovers at night, and creators of a new life. Undoubtedly, erotic desire can fade in time but not the memories that remind us of the reasons why two people fell in love and fell in love.

Today, modern relationship models place love in a utopian spectrum, with love giving way to despair, abandonment, and fear. Times protect the need for the desire of the easy and push people to invest in casual emotion, in casual sex, failing to understand the true meaning of love and affection within the relationship.

Two concepts-gifts that are altered within the technocratic form of the modern relationship

Research has shown that divorce in our country has a tremendous upward trend with an average of 15,000 per year in the last four years. In fact, 45% of divorces come from couples who have been married for at least 10 years.

These numbers show the urgent need for healthy sexual intercourse and a normal mental state. There is talk of couples who stopped trying and just coexisted were spectators in their own relationship. Once upon a time, partners who fell in love fell in love, laughed, shared fantasies, thoughts, and feelings, decided to follow separate paths.

Then among them “tangled sheets“, now among them the irreconcilable-uncompromising self that does not hope and does not expect anything. These relationships were anchored in their beautiful first moments, they rested in forgotten memories and forgot what it is like to fight for love on a daily basis.

Perhaps here, the man has a greater share of responsibility, who is afraid to manage the new reality, which wants the woman to be dynamic, self-created, determined, hardworking, and irreconcilable. A modern woman is determined to be independent and decide according to her high expectations and needs. So this is a new aspect of modern society, which men today are unable to understand and freeze in front of the new model of woman.

The dynamics of a relationship are found in those elements that compose the fundamental concepts of love and affection characterized by selflessness and sincerity. The cornerstone for activating and maintaining the positive elements of the dynamics of an erotic relationship, is communication, companionship, erotic desire, passion, understanding, respect, and autonomy in a monogamous context.

It may sound impossible to keep all these elements intact through the wear and tear of everyday life, but the power of determination overcomes obstacles and shows the couple easy ways to handle difficult situations.

The couple should understand how important foreplay is in sex life as well as the importance of foreplay and sexual speech. They are key components to breaking free from the shackles of everyday morbidity. They help in the realization of erotic fantasies and consequently in the enhancement of erotic arousal.

In addition, they should take advantage of future disagreements. Through constructive dialogue, solutions can be given and emotions can be recorded, to bridge differences and eliminate potential future risks. In this way, active hearing and communication between them are enhanced.

The couple should not hesitate to express themselves freely on thoughts, reflections, and the expression of emotions. Love for your partner is also reflected through the trust you show in each other. In other words, it is necessary to have freedom in the way of thinking and behavior of the partners. After all, choosing 2 people or maybe an Athens escort to move forward in a relationship means that they have given each other a promise, that they will walk together, based on personal expectations and needs.

Also, they should not hesitate to seek help from a mental health counselor when the differences between them are intense and do not subside. The role of the wife in some possible male dysfunction (such as erection problems) is also important, which should show understanding and interest and be properly informed about the subject.

In summary

Through the miracle of the relationship, which evolves, changes, beautifies, the word love is hidden.

This pure feeling that erases the “I” and thirsts for the “we”, hides passion, desire, need, and spontaneity. It is this feeling that keeps the harmony and balance in the relationship, without hat an authoritarian mood.

Equally, participatory with shared experiences and willingness to offer, love strengthens and preserves the principle of the potential of the relationship and all those elements that compose it. Thus only the couple reaches true happiness.


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